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              Welcome to Laiwu Yida Materials Technology Co., Ltd. website!


              Laiwu Yida Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

              Laiwu Yida Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Laiwu Yida Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

              Sales call: 0531-76251091

              YIDAQuality assurance

              Large surface areaEffective Distribution Concentration

              Improving efficiency by adopting integrated manufacturing process

              Products last a long time

              立即咨詢 了解詳情
              Years of Focus on IndustryBest selling products

              Catalyst industry; large steel plant

              Pharmaceutical; hydrogen peroxide manufacturing

              Hollow glass industry

              Gas manufacturing; air separation unit

              Fertilizer industry

              Surface polishing without dustA wide range of varieties

              The product adopts thermal pelletizing and surface polishing treatment, the surface is free of dust! Zero wear. Reaction equipment and handling loss are protected.

              The product has complete varieties, wide application and high stability.

              Environmental protectionTechnical support

              The product (activated alumina) uses automatic temperature control equipment and advanced detection instruments.


              Cooperative telephone

              WhyWorking with us

              YidaSolve it for you!


              Understandstep 1Industry characteristics,Product characteristics,Ask questions and ideas

              Analysisstep 2Analysis of product characteristics and market analysis

              Team buildingstep 3Product research and development, duration

              Perfect systemstep 4Consider customer needs and solve problems

              Solutionstep 5Unique products, advanced concepts


              About Us

              About Us

              Laiwu Yida Materials Co., Ltd. Activated alumina series, molecular sieve series products research and development, production, marketing, used in hydrogen peroxide, pressure swing adsorption, instrument air drying, water defluorination, catalysts, oil refining, fertilizer, medicine, air separation, gas manufacturing and other industries.

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